To remain competitive, the developed Western world must continue to evolve. In order to remain at the
top of the economic pyramid, a shift to high technology industries has been seen as the way to maintain
world leadership.

At the same time, international organizations have been promoting knowledge-based partnerships for
some time. Education is perceived as being the most effective tool for uniting the world in shared values.
It is also seen as the most important gift we can give to those who are currently in need.
These two different scenarios are just indicators of the potential number of opportunities that lie ahead for
the education sector.

Institutions already have new emerging markets and are tapping into global demand for formal education.
While in other places the continuing need for skills-based business is being met by private companies that
major in training and professional certifications.

NK can offer specialized accounting expertise for this industry and can demonstrate experience with
schools, colleges and universities.

We can offer our full range of accounting and business skills for private education services, that can
include risk management, business forecasting and implementation of IT infrastructure. Our national and
international connections will also be very useful for those who wish to have their organizations ready for
the global stage.