Oil, Gas and Power Generation

Oil, Gas and Power Generation

Oil and gas and energy industries are continually subject to price fluctuations and these are sectors where
long term planning is the only effective way to reach success.

This involves cost control, improved controls and risk management. Medium to long-term investment
requirements also need to be continually re-evaluated.

To complicate matters, regulations have always been complex in this sector and, in addition to the usual
financial report requirements, records must now reveal energy policy objectives, climate change and
emission targets, pricing and tariff requirements and a series of minimum service obligations.

This sector, more than any other, is also subject to change requirements and energy companies are
engaged in a constant search for cleaner and more sustainable energy. These industries operate under
demanding conditions and although the rewards are known as adequate, the risk inherent to these
operations should never be underestimated.

In this regard, NK can offer industry expertise in both regulatory compliance and accounting. NK can
also conduct risk assessments, internal audit planning and operational audits for independent energy
projects and joint ventures.

By maintaining longstanding relationships with customers, NK has developed a comprehensive
understanding of the issues affecting the oil and gas, mining, electric power, gas, sanitation and renewable
energy industry.